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CBD Oil Tinctures Guide: Benefits, How to Use & Much More

June 22, 2018

CBD Oil Tinctures Guide: Benefits, How to Use & Much More

CBD Oil Tinctures Guide: Benefits, How to Use & Much More


What are oil tinctures? What are they made out of? How do you use them? Are there any benefits, are just a few of the many questions beginner users have in regard to oil tinctures. To begin with, an oil tincture is a very potent liquid form of cannabinoid, also known as CBD. CBD oil tinctures, which are administered with the standard dropper included, are actually one of the most popular methods of intaking CBD, as well as one of the most effective.

Oil tinctures can come in various forms but if you are looking for a THC free, vegan, and non-gmo oil tinctures with a variety of flavors and mg levels, a good place to look is here at GoGreen Hemp. In addition, the oil tinctures by Go Green Hemp are produced using coconut oil as the carrier oil. The coconut oil, blended with hemp extract, is a MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) that has many positive benefits towards memory and weight loss and is the carrier oil that Go Green Hemp uses to provide a product that is effective and tasty as well. 

GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil Tincture


While there are vast amount of studies related to CBD’s positive results, no one is allowed to claim it helps prevent, cure or lessen the side effects of various issues such as arthritis and  muscle aches due to FDA regulation. 

While no claims can be made officially, studies being conducted are showing promising results that CBD is capable of alleviating many uncomfortable symptoms in relation to pain and inflammation in issues such as arthritis, muscle pain, eczema and many others. Cannabinoid has also shown great results in helping with everyday stress, aches and pains. We urge you to go and see for yourself what CBD studies have shown at Project CBD. 



Oil tinctures can be used in many different ways ranging from adding drops into your food, your beverage or dropping underneath your tongue for thirty-seconds. You are also able to vape some oil tinctures, however we do not recommend this method and would instead recommend the pre-filled cartridges by GGH if you are looking for a vape solution. Considering that you are adding a substance into your food or drinks or even underneath your tongue, it is crucial to know what you are consuming. It is important to do your research prior to buying any type of product and make sure that the company has reputable products and methods to create your CBD products. 

GoGreen Hemp is a South Carolina based company that not only uses superior production methods for our products but we also are fully transparent to our customers. All of our products are full spectrum and our third party testing is available for anyone to view on our website.  



In addition to educating yourself on what ingredients go into your body with the CBD products you choose, it is also important to have this information readily available. Many states are looking to advance their label requirements for CBD products and make it easier for the customer and store owners to know exactly what they are putting on or into their body by requiring that QR Codes are on all packaging. For example the state of Indiana is putting into effect a new label requirements starting July 1st 2018 requiring all companies to include QR codes on their packaging, that link back to third party testing results and ingredients used in production. 

While many companies are still not aware or this coming change or choose not to make the change yet, GGH has added QR codes to their oil tinctures, gel capsules, and pet products so that as a customer, one is able to scan the code and get all the results at their fingertip as to what he or she is using. This practice of transparency is not only crucial but necessary for companies to follow in order to reassure the customer and create a safe marketplace. 



CBD comes in many different forms (balms, oils, gummies, etc.)  and show very similar results in analgesic and anti-inflammatory issues with the difference being that each form of CBD reacts and affects your body at a different speed. The effectiveness of oil tinctures kick in rapidly so as a consumer you will feel results much quicker than almost any other type of CBD and because of that dosage is a very important factor when using oil tinctures.


GoGreen Hemp Dosage

While dosage for cannabinoid in the market is not set in stone and is  constantly evolving it is important to observe the recommend daily consumption. We recommend that most adults take anywhere from 20-30mg a day based on condition which breaks down to the following when using a 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg bottle. However ultimately when it comes to CBD dosage it will vary based on condition, weight, age other factors. 


Go Green Hemp has bottles in all mg levels as well as multiple flavors for all taste pallets. In addition to having many different types of flavors GGH uses ethanol extraction for their oil which is a superior method in relation to C02 or butane extraction as it is much more cost effective, so we can provide a quality product at more affordable prices. .  

There are a wide variety of products on the market and having the knowledge to pick the best ones is important. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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Adele berger
Adele berger

March 14, 2019

Do you still have full spectrum hemp extract 1,000 mg bottles and what is the difference between the full spectrum and the regular oil drops ?

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