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Water Soluble CBD Nano Tinctures

May 07, 2019

Water Soluble CBD Nano Tinctures

Since its legalization federally, new CBD products are constantly hitting the market.  Whether you are a new user, or an experienced CBD user, there’s just one common concern, how to get the most out of your CBD.

Most CBD products are so new that they have only been in the market for a couple years or less. They come in various forms, shapes, and sizes including lotions, tinctures, oils, e-liquids, capsules, CBD Gummies and more.

However, the revolutionary Water Soluble CBD Nano Tinctures are changing the game when it comes to getting the most out of your CBD.

The CBD Nano tincture comes in liquid form and has a very potent Cannabidiol content. These Nano-enhanced CBD Tinctures are made using nanoparticle technology, helping travel through your body’s endocannabinoid System minimal loss.  This makes the CBD Nano tincture have a stronger and faster effect on the body.

There’s much to learn about these popular CBD Nano Tinctures. Let’s dig in and discover how they work.

How CBD Nano-Enhanced Tinctures Work

The nanoparticle technology is on the cutting edge of CBD development. CBD Nano Tinctures is are created by coating the compound with microscopic fat. The result is Nano-enhanced CBD oil that is 10x more effective!

By formulating it this way, it helps minimize the amount of CBD lost as it is absorbed through your body. CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system – the system that helps regulate the body’s general state of balance. This system is made up of millions of cannabinoids, receptors found in the central nervous system (CB1) and immune system (CB2) that act as communication center for your body’s neural networks.

The effects felt are stronger and immediate within the robust endocannabinoid system. Whether you are using it for anti-anxiety, sleeping, or for medicinal purposes, you feel the effects faster and for an extended period. You get much more out of the product with fewer drops. Your body absorbs Nano-enhanced CBD into your body at a rate close to 100%!

How to Use Them

In light of the introduction of hemp products into the market, the endocannabinoid system has come under intense scrutiny. Only a small amount CBD Nano tincture consumed ever affects this system. They use a Nano-liposomal delivery system that allows your body to absorb and reap the benefits fully.  A CBD Nano tincture is not intoxicating,meaning it won't get you high.

The liquid is commonly mixed with a sweet-tasting carrier oil like peppermint or orange. On its own, it is not palatable and can be very bitter. The final product is a potent, with a very high CBD content and no more than the required 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

It is commonly added to salad dressing, soup, coffee, and tea. Still others take it sublingually, underneath the tongue. When taken sublingually, it is absorbed by the body faster compared to other oral methods with effects being felt within 15 minutes. However, due to the potent taste we definitely recommend and urge you take it with coffee or tea.

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