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Wholesale CBD Brazil

Wholesale & Private Label CBD

Oil Distribution Opportunities in Brazil

The CBD industry is still in the infancy stages in Brazil and CBD oil can still be relatively hard to get a hold of. This is the perfect time to enter the CBD marketplace, as the competition is relatively low and the demand for CBD oil in Brazil is very high. 

In 2015, Brazil established the regulations needed for hemp-derived CBD products and is permitted for medicinal use only at this time. It is important to note that Brazil has not allowed the cultivation of hemp in any capacity within its borders. 

Brazil does not distinguish between hemp and marijuana so the regulations and guidelines are relatively vague at this time. If you are a consumer trying to get access to CBD, you must do so through ANVISA (National Sanitary Surveillance Agency)

GoGreen Hemp has distribution channels nationwide through numerous distributors. If you would like to carry our CBD products in your retail location in Brazil please contact us with the form below. 

How To Use CBD? 

Your body has a natural endocannabinoid system that has receptors that are specifically made to take in cannabinoids. CBD happens to be a cannabinoid with a variety of benefits. One of the many reasons CBD has taken the worldwide spotlight is its ease of use and variety of uses. How you use CBD is simply a matter of preference. CBD has a wider spectrum of product varieties that many other supplements on the market. 

Some of the most popular CBD methods of use include but are not limited to: 

  • CBD Oil Drop Tinctures 

  • CBD Topicals 

  • CBD Animal Products 

  • CBD Gel Capsules 

  • CBD Batch Bombs

  • CBD Skincare

Although choosing the right products for your storefront may seem overwhelming, we are here to help. Our knowledgable customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have, you can call us (9am-6pm M-F) or simply send us a message through our contact form at any time. 

As always we urge potential partners to do extensive research prior to partnering with brands in the industry, as not all CBD is created equal and the quality of products can vary greatly. All CBD products should have third party laboratory testing and you should be able to trace a specific product to a batch of raw oil used for full traceability from seed to sale. 

How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in Brazil

To get GoGreen Hemp wholesale CBD Brazil in Brazil please reach out to us so we can introduce you to our GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil distributors in South America. We have various partners in South America and are constantly looking for more. To learn more about our wholesale program please contact us so we can find the best CBD solution for your business. 

If you are a consumer looking to order out CBD products online in our CBD store, we urge you to follow the steps below: 

1. Medical Consultation 

If you have a medical condition you’d like to purchase CBD for, you need to consult a doctor for a prescription.

The prescription must contain:

  • Your name

  • The product name

  • Dosage

  • Quantity required and treatment time

  • Date, signature, stamp, and registration number of the doctor’s council class

2. Patient Registration with Anvisa

One of the essential steps to obtain permission for CBD is to register as a patient with Anvisa.

For this, you must send the following documentation to the Agency:

  • Application form

  • Medical prescription

  • Medical report

  • Statement of responsibility.

You can find the electronic application under the “What application form should I fill out” item.

If the electronic application isn’t available (which happens from time to time), you can email the form to with the rest of the required documents.

3. Analysis of the Application by Anvisa

After you complete the application process, the Agency reviews your request for CBD authorization.

4. Authorization for Importation by Anvisa

After Anvisa reviews your request, they will notify you if you can import the medical CBD.

The authorization is granted via email with an electronic signature and a verifier code.

After you receive the authorization, you can purchase your CBD by express shipping, through Siscomex or luggage accompanied.

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It All Starts From The Soil

Learn about GoGreen Hemp's culitivation process for the most pure CBD products on the market. 

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The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Everything we do at GoGreen Hemp has a purpose. Down to the gold detail on each product - represneting the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard 

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What Our Customers Say
Go Green Hemp is by far the best CBD business I have ever dealt with. It is so wonderful to find a company that has their act together, ships even more quickly than on time, adds little extra gifts, and has such a wide range of products. God bless Go Green!
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