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CBD Oil Foley Alabama


Where To Buy Quality CBD Products In Foley

If you are looking for where to buy CBD oil in Foley, GoGreen Hemp has the quality products that you want. While we do not have a storefront location in the state of Alabama quite yet, we do ship our CBD Oil to Foley, Alabama customers and all around the US.

You can get GoGreen Hemp CBD products you are looking for without ever leaving your home. We offer the most natural broad-spectrum CBD products on the marketplace at some of the most affordable prices. We also have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the most pleasurable CBD buying experience on the marketplace. 

We stand behind every product that leaves our state of the art facility. Have you been looking for CBD OIl Foley Alabama? We have the fastest shipping in the industry, with all orders being shipped within one business day via Priority Mail. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% discount off your first order with us when you use our coupon code FOLEY20 at checkout.

We take pride in the quality that's why we only use US-grown hemp plants, which we use as the foundation of our CBD products. Then we put our formula through rigorous two-step third-party lab testing for both potency and purity to make sure you get only the purest products. We post all of our lab results publicly online, so you know exactly how potent and pure each product is. 

At GoGreen Hemp, we aren't only here to help you save money on your CBD products, but also to help educate consumers. 

All About GoGreen Hemp

With all of the buzz around CBD, it seems as if more people are using CBD every day to achieve a higher quality of life. In fact, many people who use CBD regularly are seeing improvement in their sleep, overall mood and better joint and muscle function. We have seen that the longer one uses CBD, the better the results continue to be. With this vast increase in popularity, there are now more companies out there selling CBD. 


After the farm bill of 2018 passes in December, there was a flood of CBD companies who entered the marketplace. The vastness of CBD on the market can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not know the do's and dont's to look for - which is why we are here to educate the general public on CBD. We want to help consumers learn how to shop for CBD and pick out the good brands versus the bad brands.   

At GoGreen Hemp we believe in the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard: Use of all-natural ingredients, organically grown hemp, full traceability from plant to finished product and last but least third party laboratory testing. Since 2016, we have served thousands of customers and have created the standard of what premium grade CBD should look like. 

Our Process

Here at GoGreen Hemp, we believe that balance starts from within. You can only achieve the results you are looking for with the right products. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on our cultivation process. We start by using only USA grown hemp as our raw base formula. We then use a double extraction process; the first being a CO2 extraction and the second using chromatography extraction to remove all THC. The end result is an industry-leading pure premium grade CBD product. 

We then use a third-party laboratory to test every batch of products for both potency and purity. Each batch is fully traceable from the planting of the hemp plant to finished products that end up in our customer's possession. 

We understand that trust is not given, it is earned. That's why we do a double batch testing to ensure that all products are THC-Free, so customers do not get any intoxicating effect. We want to make sure that our products match what is on the label, which is why we do a double test to ensure all information is accurate. 

When you use GoGreen Hemp CBD products, you do not need to worry about toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, harsh chemicals or fillers with any of our products. We believe that none of these harmful additives belong in a pure premium grade CBD product. 

The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Unfortunately, not all CBD companies use the same precautions when it comes to formulating their products. With so many CBD companies out there, why should you turn to GoGreen Hemp for your CBD needs?

Simply put, we are one of the best CBD companies out there today. Want to learn more about the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard? Here’s what separates us from other brands out there:

  • We use only high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

  • We take pride in transparency, all of our lab results and ingredient lists are easily accessible.  

  • Our formula starts with American-grown, all-natural hemp.

  • We offer broad-spectrum products that include additional beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

  • We have the most diverse product line in the market which includes but is not limited to topicalstinctures, edibles, and more.

  • We never use any pesticides or harsh chemicals in any of our CBD products.

These are the reasons that make GoGreen Hemp different. After all, GoGreen Hemp is a family operated business and we believe that our customers are part of the GoGreen Hemp Family. As such, they should be completely satisfied with their experience. We truly offer products for all members of the family — including animal friendly products for your four-legged friends.

Searching for Where to Buy CBD Oil in Foley?

There are many places you can turn to when you want to buy CBD products online, but when you shop with GoGreen Hemp, you can shop with confidence knowing you are getting the most pure CBD products on the market.


Still, have questions? Reach out to us today.

How to Buy CBD Products Online

You can find GoGreen Hemp products at the following location(s): 

Lotus CBD

3872 S McKenzie St,

Foley, AL 36535

We are hoping to partner with a distributor in this city in Alabama. In the meantime Foley customers can expect the best buying experience at GoGreen Hemp and can save an additional 20% on their order with the promo code "FOLEY20" during the checkout process. 

Before you purchase from any other company in the industry we believe it is important to know what to look for while making this purchasing decision. Only trust CBD companies that use hemp grown in the USA, have accessible third party lab reports and can easily be reached for customer support. 

CBD Oil Foley Alabama
cbd oil foley alabama

It All Starts From The Soil

Learn about GoGreen Hemp's culitivation process for the most pure CBD products on the market. 

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The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Everything we do at GoGreen Hemp has a purpose. Down to the gold detail on each product - represneting the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard 

cbd foley alabama
What Our Customers Say
Go Green Hemp is by far the best CBD business I have ever dealt with. It is so wonderful to find a company that has their act together, ships even more quickly than on time, adds little extra gifts, and has such a wide range of products. God bless Go Green!
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