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GoGreen Hemp has been serving both retail and wholesale customers in Europe since 2018. We are now diving into the CBD marketplace in Greece. Have you been looking for CBD Oil Greece Wholesale? Potential in the CBD marketplace in Greece is vast. Greece has a positive stance on CBD and growth in the industry is imminent. There has been no better time than the present to join the CBD marketplace in Greece. Choosing the right partner in the CBD industry is extremely important, that's why we will outline certain things to look for and outline the legalities of CBD in Greece. 

Before joining the CBD marketplace it is important to know how to spot a quality CBD product in this complex marketplace. First, you always want to ensure you can easily find third-party laboratory results on all products you plan to sell. This ensures that your customers know exactly what is in the bottle they plant to consume. Secondly, you want to make sure that all of the CBD products use hemp that is grown organically, to ensure your finished products are both heavy metal and pesticide-free. 


If you are considering selling CBD Oil in Greece we are here for you. If you are looking to partner with a CBD brand that knows how to navigate the CBD space and provides products that comply with all regulations, you have come to the right place here at GoGreen Hemp.  

Is CBD Legal In Greece? 

In Greece, the government has been very forward-thinking and Greek laws exclude hemp and CBD from drug control. So CBD is indeed legal in Greece, as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC, which is the standard for the majority of countries in Europe. We strongly urge you to only purchase products that are THC-free to ensure you do not run into any issues with local law enforcement and customs. Here at GoGreen Hemp CBD products are perfect for this marketplace, as our products are completely THC-Free and comply with regulations pertaining to hemp in Greece. 

Can You Bring CBD Oil To Greece


Yes, you can bring CBD Oil into Greece. CBD is legal to purchase and import into Greece. Although the legal limit is 0.2% THC, we urge customers to only import and purchase CBD products that are THC-Free to ensure minimal hassle. If you follow these guidelines you should not have any issues going in and out of Greece with CBD. 

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In Greece


CBD can be found in numerous locations through Greece from retail storefronts to online CBD shops, it is relatively easy to find CBD in Greece. Here at GoGreen Hemp we also allow the purchase of all of our products, which will be shipped directly to your front door. 

How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in Greece

To get wholesale GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil in Greece please fill out the form below and knowledgable wholesale department so we can coordinate the best possible solution. 

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It All Starts From The Soil

Learn about GoGreen Hemp's culitivation process for the most pure CBD products on the market. 

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The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Everything we do at GoGreen Hemp has a purpose. Down to the gold detail on each product - represneting the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard 

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