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CBD Oil India Wholesale

Wholesale & Private Label CBD Oil In India


India has had a long-lasting relationship with the cannabis plant, and it is even mentioned in the Vedas, as the food of the Hindu god Shiva. Despite its place in India's history, the recreational use of cannabis is illegal. However, India has been more open-, minded when it comes to hemp and CBD derived from hemp. At this time CBD is legal when derived from hemp, as long as it meets certain criteria that we will mention later in this article. 


The CBD industry is still upcoming in popularity in India's CBD marketplace. It may still be difficult to get your hands on THC-Free CBD oil in the country. This means there is endless potential for growth and it is the perfect time to capture market share. 

As of 2019, CBD products with low THC (less than 0.3% by weight) that are derived from industrial hemp are legal for general consumer consumption. As a result, this natural supplement can be sold and distributed throughout the country with minimal restrictions. 

GoGreen Hemp has distribution channels nationwide through numerous distributors. If you would like to carry our CBD products in your retail location in India or simply want to learn more about how you can be a part of this booming CBD industry please contact us with the form below. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with GoGreen Hemp please visit our CBD wholesale page today. 

Is CBD Legal In India? 

CBD legality is the number one barrier in almost all international marketplaces, however, at this time CBD with low levels of THC content are legal for general consumption. Currently, lawmakers and health experts are attempting to work out some policies with the Food Safety and Standards authority to bring hemp mainstream in India. In 2016, the government gave some hemp growers certification for cultivation for industrial purposes. 

All of these proactive steps taken by India's government have helped bring CBD into the spotlight, however, a lot more work is needed to get mainstream acceptance in India's CBD marketplace. Oftentimes, this is the best time to get into a new market. 

How To Use CBD? 


Your body has a natural endocannabinoid system that has receptors that are specifically made to take in cannabinoids. CBD happens to be a cannabinoid with a variety of benefits. One of the many reasons CBD has taken the worldwide spotlight is its ease of use and variety of uses. How you use CBD is simply a matter of preference. CBD has a wider spectrum of product varieties that many other supplements on the market, making it one of the most diverse supplements to come to the supplement marketplace in decades. 

Some of the most popular CBD methods of use include but are not limited to: 


Although choosing the right products for your storefront may seem overwhelming, we are here to help. Our knowledgable customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have, you can call us (9am-6pm M-F) or simply send us a message through our contact form at any time. 

How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in India

What is the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard? We believe in offering the purest CBD products on the market, using all-natural ingredients, third party batch testing, double Co2 extraction, and organically grown hemp from Colorado. Come learn more about our process today and see why Gogreen Hemp has been an industry-leading brand since 2016. 

We go above and beyond to provide transparency in an industry that can at times be not so transparent. We take pride in all of our products when you partner with GoGreen Hemp you are more than simply another vendor, you are part of the GoGreen Hemp family. 

To get CBD oil in India please reach out to us so we can introduce you to our GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil distributors in the region. We have various partners in India and are constantly looking for more. To learn more about our wholesale program please contact us so we can find the best CBD solution for your business. 

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Learn about GoGreen Hemp's culitivation process for the most pure CBD products on the market. 

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The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Everything we do at GoGreen Hemp has a purpose. Down to the gold detail on each product - represneting the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard 

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