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Wholesale CBD Oil Jamaica

Wholesale & Private Label CBD

Oil Distribution Opportunities in Jamaica


GoGreen Hemp has distribution channels all over the world ranging from some of the most prominent countries in the EU to countries all over Asia. If you are looking to carry our CBD products in your retail location we have you covered! Over the past couple of years, we have perfected the international CBD marketplace.

Why Would One Use CBD Products? 

The CBD market is the quickest growing market in the 21st century. Hemp Analysts believe that the cannabis industry will rake in profits of 57 billion by 2027. As more interest comes into the market, so will the information that is readily available when it comes to benefits and the suggested use of CBD. Ultimately, the continued exponential interest of CBD products will quickly follow. 

CBD helps create balance from within the body, through the use of cannabinoids and our natural endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that CBD can help with a variety of issues. Because of FDA restrictions, we cannot elaborate on the power of CBD but we highly recommend checking out our friends at Project CBD. Project CBD is a strictly informative third party educational website with a lot of useful information

When partnering with CBD companies it is important to choose a partner that is upfront and transparent. All products should have QR codes and third-party lab results easily accessible. The CBD industry is simply too competitive to settle for less. 

How To Use CBD? 

Your body has a natural endocannabinoid system that has receptors that are specifically made to take in cannabinoids. CBD happens to be a cannabinoid with a variety of benefits. One of the many reasons CBD has taken the worldwide spotlight is its ease of use and variety of uses. How you use CBD is simply a matter of preference. CBD has a wider spectrum of product varieties that many other supplements on the market. 

Some of the most popular CBD methods of use include but are not limited to: 

  • CBD Tinctures 

  • CBD Topicals 

  • CBD Animal Products 

  • CBD Beauty Products

  • CBD Gel Capsules 

  • CBD Vape Pens 

  • CBD Flowers 

  • CBD Wax 

At GoGreen Hemp we take pride in having one of the most diverse product lines in the industry. As the industry continues to grow so will the options. We are constantly staying ahead of industry trends and releasing new products quarterly.

Is CBD Legal in Jamaica?  

Similar to many other countries in the Caribbean there is no set in the stone answer when it comes to the legality of cannabis. Jamaica is known for its forward-thinking pertaining to cannabis and it can be found nearly anywhere. To be safe we recommend going with CBD derived from hemp that contains 0.0% THC to ensure you are compliant with regulations to avoid any issues with law enforcement. 


How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in Jamaica

When you partner with GoGreen Hemp, you are partnering with a company that stands behind every product that we manufacture. All of our products go through rigorous third-party laboratory testing and contain no harsh chemicals or residuals in the manufacturing process. 

To get CBD oil Jamiace wholesale please fill out the form below so we can introduce you to our GoGreen Hemp distributors in the Caribbean. We have various partners in the region and are constantly looking for more. To learn more about our wholesale program please contact us so we can partner you with the best distributor for your clientele. Come partner with one of the most trusted CBD brands today! 

CBD Oil Jamaica

It All Starts From The Soil

Learn about GoGreen Hemp's culitivation process for the most pure CBD products on the market. 

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The GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard

Everything we do at GoGreen Hemp has a purpose. Down to the gold detail on each product - representing the GoGreen Hemp Gold Standard 

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Go Green Hemp is by far the best CBD business I have ever dealt with. It is so wonderful to find a company that has their act together, ships even more quickly than on time, adds little extra gifts, and has such a wide range of products. God bless Go Green!
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