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GoGreen Hemp has officially opened up its distribution channels in Southeast Asia. After a successful expansion into European and South American marketplaces, GoGreen Hemp has opened trade with certain countries in Southeast Asia, such as Japan and South Korea. If you are interested in carrying, distributing, or starting your own brand with our THC-Free CBD oil please fill out the form below

The CBD marketplace is very unique in South Korea. For CBD products to considered legal in South Korea, they first must contain 0% THC, and second, must be derived from the stalks and seeds. This is drastically different from 99% of the products on the marketplace at this time because in order to get high percentages of CBD when using just stalks and seeds there must be a low of biomass used. Here. at GoGreen Hemp we have invested in the infrastructure needed to product CBD that fully complies with all Korean laws pertaining to hemp, cannabis, and CBD. 


If you are considering selling CBD products in South Korea the marketplace is still very new and they're a lot of opportunities for exponential growth. If you are looking for a brand who stands behind each and every product manufactured, you have come to the right place here at GoGreen Hemp.   

Why Use CBD Products? 

The CBD marketplace is arguably one of the fastest-growing industries in the 21st century. More people every day are turning to CBD instead of commonly used pharmaceuticals. As the interest grows, more marketplaces open up and more consumers and government entities become more open to the production and distribution of CBD hemp. 

CBD can help with the following and more: 

When partnering with any CBD company there are various attributes to look for. You always want to look for brands that are transparent in every step of their manufacturing process to ensure you are getting products that are safe, effective, and legal in your region. You also want to make sure that all of the products are third-party laboratory tested to ensure "what is on the label, is what is in the bottle". The CBD industry is too competitive to settle for a subpar product that does not meet these requirements. 

Here at GoGreen Hemp, we take pride in providing products that help individuals find relief both effectively and safely. We have some of the highest quality assurance standards. in the industry and go above and beyond to ensure transparency. All of our products use CBD that is derived from hemp that is organically grown and completely free of harsh pesticides and heavy metals. 

Is CBD Legal In South Korea? 

South Korea has been very forward when it comes to numerous subjects pertaining to cannabis and hemp. South Korea was actually the first country to legalize marijuana medicinally in the region. CBD is legal in South Korea as long as it meets specific requirements. The first being that the products must contain 0% THC if they are intended to be sold over the counter without a prescription. Second, all CBD products in South Korea must be derived from the stalk and seeds of the plant to ensure compliance with South Korean law. 


Although deriving from stalk and seed is significantly more expensive, it is what must be done to comply with South Korean regulations. GoGreen Hemp CBD products are perfect for this marketplace, as our products are completely THC-Free and are derived from the stalk and seeds of the hemp plant to ensure full compliance with all regulations in South Korea. 

How to Get Wholesale CBD Oil in South Korea

To get wholesale GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil in South Korea please reach out to us so we can coordinate the best possible solution. We are currently looking for various distributors and storefronts to work with in South Korea. We want consumers in South Korea to have access to high-quality CBD oil. To learn more about our wholesale program please contact us so we can partner you with the best distributor for your clientele. Please fill out the form below, once filled out one of our knowledgable international sales team members will reach out to you.   

CBD Oil South Korea

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