Based on your answers, these are the GoGreen Hemp products our experts think you'll like best. 

25mg CBD Soft Gel Capsules 

Our Soft Gel Capsules start working within an hour and last approximately 10 hours on average. 

Our CBD Gel Capsules give you a pre-measured dosage in an easy to swallow format. Each soft gel is made using our proprietary water soluble nanoemulsion technology, which is shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% compared to an oil-based CBD product. 



I noticed a difference in about 30 minutes that lasted me for about 6 hours. with my back pain (discomfort) I was able to have a pretty normal day.So for a man approaching 80 that's great. Thanks GoGreen Hemp! 


Verified Customer

CBD NanoOil Tincture Drops 250mg

Our CBD Nano Oil Tinctures start working within 5-10 minutes and on average they last about 4-6 hours. 

Our CBD Nano Oil Tinctures are extremely efficient and work the fastest compared to all other products in the marketplace. Our nano CBD oil drop tinctures use nano-technology for increased absorption and extremely high bioavailability for a product that hits faster and harder. 




I used to buy the capsules but this is my new favorite. The flavor really isn't too strong. I mix it with a beverage or take straight. I really like nano as I tend to feel the effects much quicker. Very happy with this product.


Verified Customer

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Hemp Derived CBD with <0.0mg THC.