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Hemp Derived CBD with <0.0mg THC.

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25mg CBD Soft Gel Capsules With 10mg Curcumin

Our Soft Gel Capsules start working within an hour and last approximately 10 hours on average. 

Our CBD Gel Capsules give you a pre-measured dosage in an easy to swallow format. Each soft gel is made using our proprietary water soluble nanoemulsion technology, which is shown to increase bioavailability up to 200% compared to an oil-based CBD product. These capsules also contain Curcumin which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, combined with CBD these capsules are a knockout combo. 



I used to buy these from my doctor but then he stopped carrying them. I tried using other cbd products and this is the only one that is easy to take everyday and I notice a huge difference in my inflammation and pain when I don’t take it.


Verified Customer

CBD Balm Salve Topical 1000mg

Our CBD Balm Salves are perfect for those looking to get superior external targeted relief through topical application.

These CBD Balm Salve Topicals are perfect for targeted external relief. Help support your joints with our CBD balm salves and see for yourself how CBD can change your life. Our balm salves are made with simple and effective ingredients: Beeswax, CBD, Coconut Oil and Essential Oils or Terpenes based on scent. This combination soothes discomfort and helps support healthy skin.




Bought for pain in my knee and it works like a miracle. Definitely recommend this product for anyone who have any sort of joint pain.


Verified Customer