USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

The organic farming industry as a whole is a thriving business in the United States and across the globe. As a farmer, manufacturer or other business, becoming USDA organic certified is an intelligent and ethical business pivot. Getting this certification is an ongoing adventure that requires dedication, a long-term commitment to the organic process and time.

USDA History

USDA certified organic certification is fairly new. It wasn't until 1990 that Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA). This legislation defined what it meant for a product to be considered organic. The National Organic Standard Board (NOSB) was also established by the legislation. This committee worked with the USDA in drafting rules and regulations for this certification. A legal standard for a USDA certified organic product was finalized and presented in 2002. Even though the USDA wrote the rules, they do not actually provide the certification. Authorized third-party organizations are responsible.

What is USDA Organic Certification

USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. This is the branch of the Government charged with enforcing rules, regulations, and standards for the production of all produce products in the United States.

Organic standards for hemp covers factors such as soil quality, pest and weed control, and prohibited substances. It also focuses on the use of renewable resources, conservation of soil and water, and extraction methods. For all of these reasons, organic certification is more difficult than it may seem.

USDA Organic Certification Farmland Requirements

First and foremost, the land upon which the hemp is farmed must be free of any prohibited substances for no less than three years. These substances include but are not limited to herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, genetic engineering methods (GMO's), synthetic fertilizers, etc. It is important to note that hemp is great at cleaning the soil it grows in by sucking up the toxins that exist in the soil. This process is called phytoremediation. This would definitely be great for the soil but not great for the hemp plant, as it would make the hemp plant unusable due to the toxins it would contain from the absorption. Remember three or more years of no prohibited substances in the soil prior to growing the hemp plant is crucial. Who would want to subject their body to a CBD product that is made from hemp grown in soil that doesn't meet the requirements? This would mean that you would be consuming a toxic product. No one wants that.

USDA Permitted Extraction Method For Hemp

In addition, to obtain USDA organic certification, CBD companies need to use specific extraction processes and USDA organic ingredients including carrier oils, in addition to using hemp that has been USDA organic certified. The permitted extraction process for use in USDA certified organic CBD products are CO2 extraction and an alcohol extraction method using USDA certified organic cane alcohol and lipid extraction.

Co2 Extraction: Carbon dioxide under pressure and fluctuating temperatures to act as a solvent

Alcohol Extraction Method: Uses USDA organic cane oil instead of ethanol derived from GMO corn.

Lipid Extraction (Lipid Infusion): Involves steeping the buds (dried hemp flower) in organic MCT (coconut) oil before filtration.

Here at GoGreen Hemp, we use a Co2 extraction process that abides with all of the USDA certification requirements. If you would like to learn more about our cultivation and extraction process, please visit the following our CBD page.

USDA Organic In The CBD Industry

The USDA organic seal is one of the most recognized certifications among US consumers and it shows your buyers and consumers that your product meets the strictest USDA organic certification requirements and also shows that you are committed to doing your part to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.

In addition to assuring that no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the cultivation of hemp, the USDA certification ensures that farmers are using tillage and cultivation practices that maintain or improve the condition of the soil and minimize soil erosion through crop rotations, cover crop and the application of plant and animal material.

There are cultivators and CBD companies who claim to be using "natural" or "organic" practices while they are in fact using chemicals in their soil and on their crops. There are also companies that go as far as making a USDA certified claim. It is important to note that to be USDA organic certified you only have to have 95% of the product organic certified, therefore brands who are claiming such as simply certified organic based on the carrier oil they are using, whether it be hempseed or MCT oil. That means to claim this certification your CBD raw oil does not technically have to be USDA certified, especially since the guidelines came out in late in 2019, and no hemp plants have been certified and used in products as of February 2020. We find this type of marketing relatively decisive, so we urge all consumers to proceed with caution if they do run into this issue.

Here at GoGreen Hemp we have been in business since 2016, and have practiced sustainable organic farming methods but don't carry the certification at this time. However, we are proud to announce that we are in compliance and use only all organic farming practices on our crops. We look forward to displaying the USDA organic certification seal on our packaging in the Fall of 2020.

As a consumer, you should get familiar with the requirements for labeling USDA certified organic products. By doing this, you arm yourself with the knowledge that would help you verify the mandatory elements that should be on the label. This way you can be at ease and make an informed decision to buy or not, becuase if the product isn't labeled properly, it might not really be organic.

In addition to being equipped with this information, you can refer to the USDA online database of certified companies. If there is any remaining confusion after checking the USDA database, you can contact the certifying organization directly.

We hope this article has been useful, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out as our team will be more than happy to respond. You can reach us via phone at 954-533-0089 or via email at

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