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CBD Patches: Everything You Need To Know About CBD Patches Wholesale & More


CBD has hit the national spotlight and for good reason - this incredible plant extract has endless potential. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD Hemp industry has skyrocketed, you hear about CBD nearly everywhere you go. CBD is one of the most prominent over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant family. Although CBD and THC are very similar on the molecular level, they do have one big difference - CBD has no intoxicating effects so you will not get high. This is a big plus for consumers who want the medicinal benefits of this incredible plant extract without the "high" feeling. 

The CBD industry can be rather overwhelming with all of the verbiage, brands, and products in the industry. We are here to help you navigate this marketplace with ease. When searching for CBD products we urge customers to look for THC-Free Broad Spectrum products. Broad Spectrum means that you have CBD and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes without THC - this allows you to experience the benefits of this incredible plant extract without getting intoxicated. This is especially important for those who are drug tested - taking a Full Spectrum product increases the odds of failing the test substantially.


CBD is very versatile, it comes in various products from CBD gummies to CBD oil drop tinctures, you name it there is probably a CBD version on the marketplace.  Today we will dive in and learn more about CBD topical products and more specifically CBD patches.  

What are CBD Transdermal patches?  

Transdermal patches have been used for years to help aid with various issues through skin application directly into the bloodstream. A transdermal patch is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream for relief. This can help promote healing in the injured area of the body. CBD transdermal patches are very similar to generic medicinal patches, expect they contain natural CBD. This method of taking CBD is very popular for external injuries or issues, as these issues can be targeted more effectively through topical use. 

Why Transdermal CBD Patches? 

The skin is the largest organ in the human body by mass. Transdermal patches attach to your skin and absorb CBD through the skin in your body over a period of time. Some consumer prefers to not take CBD orally, these patches are the perfect solution for superior targeted relief. 

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches Online? 

For those searching for CBD patches near me, we have you covered. There are many places to purchase CBD, however, CBD patches are relatively new in the marketplace. GoGreen Hemp was the first to have a transdermal CBD patch and these can easily be purchased and shipped free of charge through their online cbd shop.  

CBD Patches For Pain Relief 

CBD has had success in healing numerous issues. It has helped deal with symptoms of pain and inflammation. CBD can help reduce or stop chronic inflammation by triggering retrograde signaling in the immunological system. CBD patches can be extremely effective when it comes to treating this pain and inflammation. The benefit of using a patch or topical, in general, is that you can target the exact spot of discomfort. Unlike other ingestible CBD products that help maintain balance and deal with internal issues, it is hard to get successful results in a specific area when it comes to ingesting CBD. 

CBD Patch Reviews

Below you will find some review about GoGreen Hemp CBD Patches

"I use this patch after every football game to ensure my lower back does not flare up with pain. Thank you, GoGreen Hemp, for helping me get through the season" - Lukas Marcin 

" I wish I had this patch when I was playing College Lacrosse, could really use a natural alternative in the spot." - Sam Talkov 

CBD patches Amazon are not real. 

CBD and Amazon do not go hand in hand. At this time in the United States (Jan. 2020) Amazon does not allow the sale of real CBD products. You will find numerous products that come up when typing in CBD into amazon's search results, however, none of these products contain CBD that holds medicinal benefit. Instead, you will find numerous brands and products that are simply "hemp seed oil" that has little to no medicinal value. This is a massive issue in the industry because these products are being marketed as CBD products and consumers are falling for these gimmicks. This hurts the whole CBD industry as a whole because consumers lose faith in CBD without ever having the chance to try REAL CBD. Please make sure to spread this message to your friends and family to avoid them falling into these marketing traps. 

Best CBD Patches

We may be a little biased but we believe that GoGreen Hemp CBD patches are the best patches on the marketplace. These patches are loaded with broad-spectrum CBD, which has been third party tested multiple times, with full traceability from seed to sale. All GoGreen Hemp products have full panel testing and are confirmed free of all heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials. Come try GoGreen Hemp CBD patches today and feel the GoGreen Hemp difference for yourself. 

CBD Patch Wholesale 

If you are looking at how to get CBD patches at the wholesale level, look no further than GoGreen Hemp CBD patches. These patches are loaded with 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD. All of our hemp plants are organically grown and third-party tested multiple times to ensure both potency and purity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our wholesale team to see how you can carry GoGreen Hemp CBD patches in your retail location. We have one of the most competitive wholesale programs in the CBD marketplace and would love to partner with you. If you are looking for CBD patches on the wholesale level please fill out the form below. 

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