CBD Topical Creams

Our CBD Topical creams are ideal for those looking for superior targeted external relief. All of our balm salves have natural, simple and effective ingredients that are sure to bring expedited relief. We have a wide variety of CBD topicals such as our CBD stick, CBD balm salves, CBD lip balm, and CBD Roll-Ons.

CBD Topical Common Questions

What are CBD topical products?

CBD topical products are meant to be used only externally and are extremely effective in helping individuals experience targeted relief. CBD topical products consist of creams, lotions, gels and salves. Please keep in mind these are not intended for oral consumption.

How do you apply CBD topicals?

This will vary byt product but as general guidance we recommend gently washing and drying the affected area, then apply a generous amount of topical cream or CBD salve onto the area and massage into skin until fully absorbed. For a CBD roll-on, clean the affected area and apply the applicator tip in a dabbing motion directly to the skin. Use pressure against the skin to create more topical fluid, use less pressure to reduce the amount of fluid.

How long will I feel the effects from a CBD topical product?

The lasting effects of CBD topical creams, lotions, roll-ons, and salves will vary from person to person; it may greatly depend upon the size of the affected area and the level of your discomfort. Please use accordingly for best results and reapply as needed.

What is an effective CBD topical serving?

There is no one-size-fits-all with CBD servings. We recommend starting with an ample amount and slowly increasing the amount with each use until you have the desired effect. An effective serving of CBD topicals will vary for all individuals. If you have any questions about serving sizes please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

When would a CBD topical be more effective than a CBD tincture?

This is a great question! CBD topicals are extrmeely effective in providing relief to specific areas becuase you are able to use the topical product on the exact area that is causing discomfort. Unlike ingestibles such as tinctures and edibles which are ingested and go through your entire endocannabinoid system. The biggest perk of using CBD topical product is that you can target the area causing issues and help it almost immediately.