CBD Oil Tincture Drops


Our CBD Oil Tincture Drops are our best sellers and for good reason. We use all-natural ingredients in our oil drop tinctures that are not only delicious but extremely effective. Our CBD Oil Tincture Drops come in a variety of flavors and strength levels so our customers can customize to their liking.

CBD Tincture Common Questions

What are CBD Oil Tinctures?

CBD OIl Tinctures are CBD in liquid form that has been careftly crafted with a carrier to ensure smooth and tasy delivery into your endocannabinoid system. Here at GoGreen Hemp we use MCT (Coconut Oil) as our carrier of choice, this coconut oil has even more added medicinal value when combined with our broad spectrum CBD oil.

How do you take CBD oil Tinctures?

CBD oil tinctures are intended to be taken sub-lingually (underneath your tongue). Simply place the tincture oil underneath your tongue and wait 20-30 seconds before swallowing.

What ingredients are used in GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures?

All GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures are made with all-natural ingredients such as MCT oil, organic flavoring and of course our bread and butter ingredient, our broad spectrum CBD oil.

Do GoGreen Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures contain THC?

No, all of GoGreen Hemp products are THC-Free according to our third party labratory results. All of our products are broad spectrum, meaning they contain CBD and other minor cannabinoids without any THC traces. Allowing consumers to experience the medicinal value of CBD without any unwanted intoxicating side effects.

What are the differences between CBD Oil Tinctures and CBD Nano Oil Tinctures?

Yes, there is a difference between both our best-selling CBD oil tinctures and our nano-enhanced CBD oil tinctures. The difference starts at the base, our CBD oil tinctures have a MCT oil carrier meanwhile our CBD nano-tinctures use our nano-emulsion technology to acheive higher levels of bioavabliblty comparitively. However, it is important to note that our Nano-Tincture CBD Oil Tinctures are relatively harsh, and are meant to be used with other forms of liquid such as coffee or tea. These nano-tinctures are water-soluble so blending them will be relatively easy. On the other hand our regular CBD oil tinctures use a Coconut Oil carrier which has medicinal value, especially when passing through the gut. These tinctures are very smooth and effective, and don't have a harsh flavor to them, not to mention they come in a variety of flavors and strength levels.

How much CBD oil should I use daily?

CBD oil dosage is tough becuase using CBD oil there is no "one-size fits all model". Instead we encourage customers to start at a relatively small dosage and work your way up or down based on the results you experience. We typically recommend starting between 20-30 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD daily.

Will my insurance cover CBD oil tincture purchases?

Unfortuantely, health inssurance does not cover CBD products at this time as the FDA has not approved CBD in almost all products. Even though it is fully legal in all 50 states, inssxurance companies are not willing to cover CBD products.

Can CBD Oil Tinctures be used topically?

Yes, our CBD oil tinctures can be used topically and CBD will be able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. However, for customers looking for topical solutions we highly recommend either our CBD balm salve or CBD stick which can be found in our Topical Products category.

Can you take too much CBD?

At this time there are no reported cases of overdosing on CBD. However, taking exccessive amounts of CBD (200mg+ daily) can lead to side effects such as drowsiness and tiredness. Just like taking any other supplement, you should stick to the recommended dosage for optimal results.