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GoGreen's Helping Hand Program

Helping Hand Program

Our Promise To You

Here at GoGreen Hemp, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our customers find relief. We are so passionate about our products that we feel it is our duty to help everyone experience the health and wellness benefits that hemp extracts (CBD products) can provide.

We understand that every individual's situation is different, that is why we created GoGreen’s Helping Hand Program. A program whose sole mission is to offer assistance to individuals that, for various reasons, find it difficult to purchase CBD products.  

Helping Hand Program

"We understand that every individual's situation is different, that is why we created GoGreen’s Helping Hand Program."

How It Works

Please fill out the following form and submit; attach any scans or photos as proof for your eligibility. You will receive a confirmation email. Our team will review your information and get back to you within 24-48 hours.


Who Qualifies

Long-term Disability

All who are long-term medically disabled can provide hospital records or a disability income acceptance letter as proof of this disability to receive 20% OFF full-price retail orders.


Thank you for your service! All U.S. military veterans can provide a scan or photo of their DD214, military ID, or VA Card to receive 20% OFF full-price retail orders.

Low-Income Program

Those who fall at or under the federal poverty level may be eligible to receive a discount on full-price retail orders. To apply, please provide us with a clear scan, photo, fax, or screenshot of a current document from a government agency that shows you are currently receiving low-income benefits. (SNAP, SSI award letters, LEAP, etc) to receive 20% OFF full-price retail orders. We do not accept Medicaid for this program. Please obscure or black out your SSN if applicable.


We ask that those who qualify for our Helping Hand program only use their discount for themselves or immediate family members. If you don’t fit into any one of these categories, but still cannot afford the amount of product you feel you need, please email us at info@gogreenhemp.com and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.


Letter From The GoGreen Hemp Team

Dear Customer,

Thank You! Thank you for placing your trust and loyalty in our hands--we do not take this lightly. We promise to bring you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices on the market. Our priority is making sure that you not only experience our high-quality products but also high-quality customer service. Our Helping Hand Program was created with YOU in mind, and we hope that you know that whenever you need a hand we will extend ours.


The GGH Team