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CBD Spa Day At Home

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We at GoGreen Hemp love and appreciate our customers! A special THANK YOU! To one of our loyal customers for writing such a great article! 

Personal Slice of CBD Paradise

Let’s Be Real...

After a long day of that draining, fake customer service voice, killing it at the gym to get that perfect (not so perfect) body, and then taking care of your hyperactive puppy, an hour or two of self-care may be all you need to recharge and take on the rest of your hectic week. What better way to do that than to whip out literally all of your CBD infused, self-care products and indulge in all they have to offer. From bath bombs to face masks and massage oils, I personally never feel more relaxed than after a full-on Go Green Hemp CBD spa day.

The Process

For those of you that don’t have someone who can give you a much needed full body massage with CBD Massage Oil, a great substitute is the MVP of the loners, the massage cane. Honestly, you can do this before or after you shower as this massage oil actually leaves your skin feeling more hydrated than oily, which is one of the many things I personally love about it. Another awesome quality this product has is the fact that it is nut and fragrance-free, which is huge for people who have allergies or sensitivity to fragrances.

CBD Massage Benefits

Tip 1: Massage yourself or be massaged by that special someone to your heart's content, getting out all those knots you accumulated throughout your hectic week. The next step I would take in my quest for total relaxation would be to draw the hottest bath (rivaled by let’s say lava) and infuse it with one of my precious Go Green Hemp Lavender Bath Bombs (slow-motion Instagram video optional). Now when I tell you that all the stress from the day just melts away with one of these bath bombs, I really mean it! I have a fear of falling asleep in the bathtub because I am so relaxed,  but taking a bath with these bath bombs brings me closer than ever to snoozing in lavender heaven.

Tip 2: Recommended soak time is definitely the length of an episode of Dexter.

Now while I’m soaking in the most relaxing bath of my life, I am, of course, multitasking like a boss and also giving attention to the most important parts of my body (the money maker), my face. Go Green Hemp has a CBD face mask which is by far my favorite mask I have had the pleasure of using. I absolutely love that they come in 2 pieces. An upper half and a lower half.  It really is the little things that differentiate some products from others and just that it comes in two parts makes it that much more convenient to apply to your face in my opinion.

Tip 3: Let the face mask sit for 20-30 minutes while you’re soaking in a CBD bath and watch your favorite Netflix show. After the 20-30 minutes are up, massage the excess serum into your face and neck, leaving your face glowing and rejuvenated.

Spa days can be extremely expensive, most of the time you need to make an appointment in advance, and I believe most frown upon drinking a bottle of wine but with DIY spa days in the comfort of your own home, you can do whatever you want. I try to designate at least once a week for some “me” time with my beloved Go Green Hemp CBD products and unwind in a world that’s designed to induce the most amount of stress a person can handle. Nowadays you have to find any little way to find your little slice of paradise.


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