CBD and Joint Support

CBD and Joint Support 101 Everything You Have To Know.

Internet searches for CBD continue to skyrocket and, according to Consumer Reports, an estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD products during the last two years. Everywhere you look, from the corner pharmacy to the local gas station, you will find an ever-expanding supply of CBD-infused gummies, sprays, gels, tinctures, bath bombs, face masks, and even items for your four-legged companions.

Commercially produced cannabidiol oil, used in the production of CBD-infused products, comes from industrial hemp plants – Cannabis sativa and a growing number of consumers are using these products to help with pain, sleep, and stress.

All CBD is NOT created equal and when it comes to sourcing cannabidiol oil, you need to distinguish between all-natural products vs synthetic fakes. Look for broad-spectrum products that are third-party lab tested and certified free of any synthetic ingredients GoGreen Hemp is a reliable supplier of the best CBD products on the market and takes pride in providing their customers with high-quality products made with all-natural CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp.

Using CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

Many people experience muscle discomfort and joint pain at some point in their life with 50 to 116 million Americans reporting chronic pain on an annual basis. Dealing with chronic pain is challenging as it is often associated with other conditions such as stress and difficulty sleeping. If you are suffering from joint discomfort or muscle aches you may feel a variety of symptoms including pain, stiffness, or swelling.

Cannabidiol oil is gaining mainstream popularity as a natural approach to pain relief. Unlike THC found in marijuana plants, CBD does not produce feelings of euphoria but rather encourages your body to use its own natural endocannabinoid system more efficiently.

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, “cannabis and its components are being widely used for chronic pain.” The research mentions how CBD products are showing great promise to improve the quality of life by reducing inflammation and pain-related behaviors.

So, what types of CBD products are best used for muscle and joint support?

Top CBD Products for Joint Support

When it comes to muscle and joint support, there is an abundance of CBD product reviews and educational information to read. GoGreen Hemp is here to help you gain a better understanding by providing current industry research including our insightful Ultimate CBD Oil Guide.

In an article published on HealthCentral journalist Krista Bennett DeMaio says, “Because formulations will vary greatly, finding a CBD topical that helps with your achy joints and muscles may take some trial and error.”

Check out our most popular CBD products that have done wonders for consumers dealing with pain, swelling, and inflammation:

CBD Relief Stick

CBD Balm Salve

Rapid Relief CBD Infused Freeze Roll-on

Rapid Relief CBD Infused Heat Roll-on

But, exactly how are these CBD topical products used?

How to Use CBD Topicals

Topical products containing cannabidiol include salves, oils, patches, and gels that may help reduce inflammation and alleviate joint pain. These CBD topicals are perfect for active lifestyles and offer external relief of aches and strains. An added benefit is CBD may also help lessen stress and help you get a good nights’ sleep.

CBD topicals let you target the exact area of your body where you are experiencing pain or discomfort and provide near-instant relief by rubbing, rolling, or massaging directly into the area where you are experiencing pain.

CBD stick offers a mess-free application as there is no need to touch the product with your hands. The CBD-infused stick lets you apply the product directly where you need it while gently massaging it into your skin until fully absorbed. Did you know that GoGreen Hemp's CBD Stick is featured as a top 10 topical product nationwide by Healthline?

CBD massage oil enhances the beneficial effects of a traditional massage and is carefully formulated to moisturize your skin with no oily residue.

CBD salves typically contain a blend of beeswax, coconut oil, and CBD oil and are perfect for rubbing onto areas that are aching, strained, or causing pain. You can even find salves that are lightly scented with essential oils such as eucalyptus and lavender.

CBD roll-ons are another convenient product providing targeted relief to your achy knees, elbows, back, or shoulders. Roll-ons are available in both freeze formulations using menthol to give a cooling sensation, and heat formulations that provide a warming sensation.

CBD-infused transdermal wraps offer targeted relief to specific areas of your body. These cannabidiol-infused patches provide a heat-to-cool anti-inflammatory effect and help ease the discomfort of minor aches and strains.

Shop for CBD Products at Go Green Hemp

To confirm the highest level of potency and purity, look for CBD suppliers, who do extensive third-party lab testing on all of their products by batch. This rigorous testing ensures all their products contain accurate levels of cannabinoids while confirming the absence of THC.

Are CBD Products Legal?

CBD gummies, topicals, and oils do a great job helping with chronic pain but are you wondering if CBD products are legal? According to federal guidelines, products containing cannabidiol are technically legal as long as they contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC. This means that most states allow the sale of CBD products that may help with pain, sleep, or stress.

However; you should always check with local laws as there may be more restrictive measures in place such as requiring a prescription to legally own CBD products. But, this scenario is usually only if the product you are trying to buy contains more than 0.3 percent of THC. So, a safe bet is to always opt for CBD products, like GoGreen Hemp, which is certified THC-free.

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