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CBD Crumble How To Use Guide

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As many of you may already know Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active compounds in the hemp plant, unlike its counterpart THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not cause a "high". Instead, CBD has the potential to ease stress and help elevate overall wellness without affecting cognitive function. CBD products come in many forms, from oil drop tinctures, gummies, soft gels,, balm salve, and many more.

CBD wax crumble is one choice when considering CBD products. We will take you through the process of how it is made, how it is different, how to use, and who would be interested in this product. We’ll cover this all in a brief CBD wax review to give a comprehensive overview of CBD crumble products. But first, we will go through a couple of reasons why CBD Crumble could be the right option for you. 

CBD crumble

Extremely Effective Fast Relief

One of the most beneficial attributes of CBD crumble is the extremely fast relief one can experience, sometimes in seconds. For some ailments, research suggests that CBD can be a more effective treatment than its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is notorious for causing anxiety, but CBD shows extremely promising results as a potent anxiolytic and antidepressant. 

Inhaling CBD crumble through a device like an oil rig or vaporizer provides the fastest form of relief. When inhaled, CBD is absorbed through the lungs and goes directly into the bloodstream, almost a direct route to the brain. This means that the effects of CBD can be delivered within seconds with this innovative CBD crumble. 

cbd wax

Everyday CBD Crumble Use 

CBD Crumble is great for everyday use, unlike many other alternatives such as medical marijuana. It is a perfect source of relief for those who don't want to feel out of the loop or groggy. CBD won't leave you feeling sedated so you can go about your workday and be productive. Many medical cannabis patients find that this is a great alternative because cannabis can be too tranquil for daytime activities. CBD crumble encourages a sense of focus and can help relieve stress, leaving you more productive! Some evidence suggests that CBD may be helpful to those with chronic conditions.

How to Use CBD Crumble:

CBD wax crumble has to be dabbed. Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of wax by applying it to the heated coil of your dabbing pen. The CBD is then inhaled through an attached mouthpiece on the pen.  The heat turns the wax into a form that can be vaped, allowing it to be inhaled through the mouth. Another key benefit of this method of taking CBD is it allows each person to fine-tune and figure out exactly how much CBD intake is perfect for them. However, we do advise you to start a smaller dose because CBD crumble can be very potent.

The process of dabbing CBD wax is the same process that is involved when people dab concentrated cannabis (medical marijuana).  For this reason, dabbing CBD crumble is sometimes shrouded in confusion; is it legal?  Yes, CBD is federally legal, and will not leave users feeling intoxicated or "high", as long as the product is THC-free.

How is CBD Crumble Made?

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant in this case rather than the marijuana plant (both types of cannabis plants but with different properties). This means that the CBD oil extracted to be processed into wax naturally contains low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. Because the level of THC is very low we are able to extract ALL of the THC out in our final procedures before our product is ready for use.

THC is known to be concentrated in the flowers of the plant. While medical marijuana is bred especially to be wide with lots of THC-containing flowers, hemp is not. It is not grown with flowers; it is grown for height so its stalks can be used to make materials. For this reason, the CBD extracted from hemp to make CBD crumble is high in CBD and incredibly low in THC.

Who Is CBD Crumble Suitable For?

Due to the high concentration of CBD in CBD wax, dabbing can be used when you need to feel the instant effects of CBD.  For this reason, people might choose to use CBD wax for things such as instant relief or when dealing with a panic attack.

While most hemp products are safe to use for the whole family, as they are natural and often a healthy alternative to conventional medicines, CBD crumble does need to be used with slight caution. Firstly, as taking CBD wax involves heating the substance, it is not suitable for children. In addition to this, women who are pregnant or lactating should not use these products.


CBD crumble has many benefits, such as the purity and strength of CBD it contains or the immediacy of feeling its effects.  It provides the same plethora of health benefits as other CBD products.  

The process of dabbing wax is sometimes confused with the dangerous methods of dabbing homemade substances, which cause a sense of wariness around the product.  However, with CBD becoming more popular with the general population, misconceptions are beginning to dissolve.

Due to the nature of heating and inhaling the substance, CBD crumbles may not be suitable for everyone.  However, this method of dabbing is becoming increasingly popular.  If you are not sure which CBD product suits you most, you can take a look at our blog post on which CBD product is best for you! 

Here at GoGreen Hemp, we offer broad-spectrum products with 0.0% THC to ensure a non-intoxicating experience. To view our product line please visit our CBD collection page.

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