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CBD Horse Pellets: How Can CBD Help Your Horse

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Horses are strong majestic creatures that often make great companions. However, as many horse owners know, the responsibility of taking great care of a horse is not a light task.

CBD horse pellets

Just like other animals, horses experience medical conditions that can leave owners questions the next steps or what options they have. Although CBD is not a substitute for a veterinarian visit, it is important for owners to know their natural options and even the potential benefits that CBD can have on their equine four-legged friend. Whether your horse is getting older, is a retired competition horse or simply experiencing discomfort and concerning issues, we believe that CBD can be the solution you are looking for.

Horses, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. Because the ECS is the chief system in the body, it is imperative that it works efficiently.

Hemp-derived CBD stimulates a horse's ECS in the same way that does humans. It is well tolerated without any euphoric or adverse effects. Using CBD for your horse can improve your horse's overall well-being.

When a cannabinoids such as CBD is introduced in horses, it helps to support the overall function of the endocannabinoid system.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD will not result in a feeling of euphoria. Over the past few years, numerous studies have highlighted the potential of CBD.

Myth Vs. Fact

There are many myths and questions about CBD, marijuana, and cannabis. We are here to help. Think of Cannabis as an umbrella. Both marijuana and hemp fall under the cannabis umbrella, and although both have very similar properties, their differences are important.  Cannabis plants are composed of over 80 cannabinoids, two of which are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is where most people get lost.

Hemp-Derived CBD

The CBD derived from the Hemp plant, such as GoGreen Hemp CBD Pellets and Peppermint CBD Horse Oil Tincture, will contain 0.0% THC in them. Why? Because when extracted, CBD oil from the hemp plant will contain small traces of THC, which then will be extracted to 0.0%. This is important to understand as the product that you will be giving your equine will not result in any intoxication.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

Endocannabinoid System is a major system in the body that mostly consists of "endocannabinoids"(closely related compounds), their receptors, and a number of different types of metabolic and regulatory enzymes that have a part in the workings of the system.

The ECS said to be the "master system", is unique in its primary function and plays important roles in your body well beyond the process it's named for.

Unlike other systems, which focus on specific processes within your body, such as your digestive system, the ECS works to keep all the other systems functioning healthily. To put things into perspective, the main goal of the ECS is healthy homeostasis; creating balance; help mammals regulate itself at an optimal level regardless of what is going on around it.

CBD Benefits For Horses

CBD for horses

CBD oil can have a beneficial effect on various immune problems in horses. With that being said, CBD can safely be used for horses and promote a greater physical, mental and emotional relaxation for horses afflicted with certain conditions. Here we mention a few:

General Pain - As no one wants to watch an animal suffer, it can be very difficult to witness this. Veterinary medication which have been used traditionally can come with a host of adverse side effects on horses. CBD could potentially play a role in the horse's discomfort management.

Anxiety - Horses can suffer from bouts of uneasiness and tension. In these cases, this can be useful in relaxing horses in these situations.

Skin Conditions & Allergies - Hives and pruritus are conditions that can cause horse discomfort and a period of intense itching. Many times these seasonal allergy symptoms appear in the form of skin conditions, which can create more issues for a horse and owner. CBD can be used to support the relief of these symptoms.

Support Immune Function - The omega-3 fatty acids in CBD helps the absorption of the vitamins that horses take, therefore supporting immune function.

CBD Dosing For Horses

A quality CBD oil will usually have a dosing chart. The general rule is that the CBD dose is calculated according to their weight. Other factors include whether you are using it as a maintenance supplement or using it to manage a medical condition. Our recommended use based on the results we have seen first hand is 25mg of active CBD per 1000 pounds.

What is the Right CBD Product for your Horse?

When it comes to choosing the right CBD product for your horse, there are a number of things to keep in mind. First and foremost you'll need to think about the condition of your horse and the symptoms your horse is experiencing.

When it comes to common maladies in horses, tension or discomfort, an easy method of administration is mixing CBD infused horse pellets in the horse's feed. Products absorbed in the oral cavity are typically most effective and can take effect within ten minutes to an hour.

You can also include oil into horse feed or purchase CBD infused horse pellets. In the case of injury or an inflamed body part, a unscented CBD topical can be directly applied as well.

Choosing The Best CBD For Your Horse

It should come as no surprise that horse owners would want the best CBD product for their horses. It is important to choose wisely. Here are a few of the important factors to take into consideration.

Laboratory Tested - Make sure that the CBD products you purchase have third party laboratory test results. An indication of a reputable brand is QR codes on product packaging and third-party tests posted publicly on the companies website.

Broad Spectrum CBD - We recommend broad-spectrum CBD oil as opposed to CBD isolate or full-spectrum products. Using broad-spectrum CBD oil allows your horse to experience all the benefits that this profile has, without any intoxicating side effects.

Reviews - Taking reviews into account it is important, but remember that it is imperative that the review is authentic. Reviews can tell a customer a lot about a product and a company.

Horse Competition Rules and Testing

CBD is not allowed in competition horses during competition. Since September 1, 2019, this was announced by the USEF, as they added CBD to their list in their random drug testing program. According to the USEF, this ban is in an effort to ensure a balance of competition. This is just an indication of how powerful and effective CBD can be. If your horse competes in competition, you would need to stop giving your horse CBD 7-10 days before the event.

CBD oil and other CBD products can be very beneficial in managing the various conditions that horses face. Remember to always read the label for dosing instructions, and try to use only quality CBD products from a reputable brand. Even though you don't need a prescription to buy CBD, you should consult your veterinarian before you give your horse CBD.

If you wanted to view our entire CBD product line please visit our CBD collection page.

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