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Entourage Effect: Who Needs Who

Updated: May 25, 2023

Science says and proves that hemp contains hundreds of molecules that have the ability to directly interact with our minds and bodies. Phytocannabinoid molecules are unique to the hemp plant but flavonoids and terpenes also bind to our cells and receptors, influencing our experience.

The entourage effect has a lot to do with the medicinal qualities of the hemp plant, and interestingly, it also has to do a lot with the unique chemical compounds responsible for the smells and flavors of the plants.

entourage effect terpenes and cbd

Some of the cannabis plant's most appealing qualities are the aromas and flavors that can be experienced during consumption. Many of the most popular strains are named after their scents. So you can go ahead and thank terpenes for all the aromas and flavors you love.

Why Terpenes?

Terpenes bring more to the table than just aroma and flavor. They support CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in producing physiological and cerebral effects. Indeed, there is a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes as well as other secondary metabolites and phytochemicals. As stated in part one, this is called the entourage effect, and it solidifies terpenes as the critical piece of the cannabis puzzle and reveals the crucial role they play in producing the entourage effect.

An additional factor that contributes to the entourage effect is that cannabinoids and terpenes lock onto different targets such as receptors and cellular pathways, and they combine activities at those targets.

While terpenes play a role in enhancing and producing many of the beneficial effects of the hemp plant, they will not get you "high". THC is responsible for the "high" effect.

Does CBD Need THC To Be Effective? Or Does THC Need CBD?

cbd entourage effect and terpenes

Science suggests that the unwanted effect of the hemp plant are reduced when there is a diverse set of molecules consumed at once. When CBD accompanies THC, less paranoia is experienced. When certain terpenes are present in a strain, the experience or effects of reducing distress from taking CBD or cerebral high while consuming THC is catalyzed and enhanced. This is because terpenes have a range of effects on their own which modifies and alters your experience.

Many people use CBD, THC, or both. Those who use strictly THC or a high THC content product, usually use it for its euphoric effects. What should be noted is that THC can cause unpleasant side effects like dissociative thoughts, paranoia, psychotic episodes, or impaired memory. What is interesting here is that if you listen to the chatter in the wind, you will hear that CBD needs THC, when in actuality THC needs CBD to balance and manage its negative psychiatric side effects.

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid THC in your CBD product. These include but are not limited to emotional and physical reasons. If you have any condition which might be aggravated by THC, then a broad spectrum CBD product could be a great option for you. Products free of THC, offer an option for people who want to incorporate CBD and experience its many benefits but are prohibited from consuming products containing THC. Many conditions respond well to CBD that is free of THC. Broad Spectrum CBD has many great benefits and may be exactly what your body needs. It all depends on the individual, your overall health, and what symptoms you are trying to manage.

There are a variety of different terpenes in the hemp plant, and they each differ in effects on your mind and body. The importance of terpenes in all plants and spices, especially the hemp plant, can't be underestimated. Terpenes are fundamental building blocks of the hemp plant and have a very important and influential role to play in the plant's overall biological makeup and all compounds that are derived from it. So, next time you take time to reflect on CBD and THC again, remember, whatever they are "tooted" for, would not work the way they do without terpenes.

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