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What is CBN? Part II

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

When the conversation about cannabis comes up, it is usually about its two most well known cannabinoids, CBD and THC. However, these aren't the only cannabinoids that the plant produces. Among others, there is a minor cannabinoid called CBN (cannabinol). These medicinal compounds, unique to cannabis alone, can be very different from each other in terms of their effects and medicinal benefits.

CBN is the breakdown of THC as the intoxicating compound ages. People often make the mistake of dismissing the plant in this decomposed state. Subsequently CBN is only created as a result of the decomposed THC. Even though CBN comes from THC it does not have the psychoactive properties associated with THC.

CBN is its own molecule and doesn't contain THC or any other psychoactive compound that could create a mind altering effect. Its benefit are manifold and it is by far the most potent sedative of a single identified cannabis compound but not particularly sedative on its own. As mentioned before, CBN is typically found in aged cannabis in which the monoterpenoids evaporated, leaving the more seating oxygenated sesquiterpenoid. This accounts for the discrepancy. In other words, the older cannabis that is high in CBN is also high in sedating terpenes (other active chemical compounds in the plant). These terpenes, rather than CBN itself could account for the sedative effects.

When CBN was first discovered, it was assume to be a simple by-product (or even waste) from the decomposition of THC. However that perception is beginning to shift as science takes a greater interest in rare cannabinoids. Some of the benefits discovered from studying and using CBN include a decrease in discomfort, analgesic effects, sleep inducing and sedative effects.

While CBN may not be as sedating on its own, you are able to take advantage of its synergistic effect with the combination of another cannabinoid. When CBN and CBN are mixed together, the two cannabinoids work in tandem and provide a greater lev el of sleep inducing effects that will help you get a restful night's sleep without the grogginess or side effects of prescription pills.

As both cannabinoids are effective on their own, they are magical in unison. The combination of the two cannabinoids can encourage a better overall result for the user and ensure that they get the desired effects. Are you searching for a CBN product that can help you get a better night's rest? Look no further than GoGreen Hemp's CBN Sleep Tincture that is loaded with 600mg of CBN and 1200mg of THC-Free CBD oil.

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