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CBD Massage Oil Wholesale

CBD Massage Oil Wholesale
CBD Massage Oil
Organic CBD Massage Oil
CBD Massage Oil

What is a CBD Massage?

A CBD massage treatment involves CBD oil which has been mixed into another base or cream before the massage therapist applies it to the skin. ​When incorporated into a massage, the only difference is the product used, not the actual massage technique.

Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD has skyrocketed in popularity after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made it legal to both cultivate and distribute hemp-derived CBD products. Now CBD can be found in numerous products from soft gels to beauty products, the odds are very likely that some of your everyday favorite products are now infused with CBD. 

CBD Oil Massage

When it comes to choosing the right CBD Massage oil for you there are some important questions to ask yourself. First and foremost, you should ask yourself what type of CBD product is right for me - There are two predominant types of CBD in the marketplace at this time: Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum. The biggest difference between both is that Broad-spectrum CBD has absolutely no THC, which means users will not risk failing a drug test or feeling any type of intoxicating effect. 

It is important to note when using products that are Full-Spectrum you can still fail a drug test, even when the THC level is within the federal limits. We highly suggest anyone who is drug-tested to use broad-spectrum products to ensure they will not fail a drug test. 

CBD Massage Oil Benefits 

CBD has gained rapid popularity and for good reason. Healthwise incorporating CBD into your daily routine has shown to have amazing anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties. Below you will find some of the benefits of a CBD massage:


  • Melts Tension

  • Calms Chronic Pain

  • Soothes Anxiety 

  • Reduces Inflammation

There are many benefits to getting a massage, adding in CBD just makes them that much better. 

Organic CBD Massage Oil   

CBD is almost everywhere nowadays. Although there are a lot of options in the CBD marketplace it is important to note that not all CBD is created equally. We strongly urge customers to do their research to ensure they are getting the cleanest and potent products on the market. Below you will find some questions you MUST ask prior to making any type of CBD purchase 

  1. Where is the hemp grown? 

  2. What extraction process is used? 

  3. Are the 3rd Party Lab results easy to find and up to date? 

  4. How reputable is the company? 

  5. Last but not least, is customer service easy to reach and prompt? 

These are all important questions to ask when purchasing any type of CBD product. More specifically when it comes to CBD massage oils, we urge customers to look into the base of the oil and the potency per ounce. These are the two most vital aspects of purchasing CBD massage oil. You want to look for massage oils that don't have any harmful chemicals or fillers. As far as potency goes, we have found that the ideal amount is 30mg per ounce. 

CBD Massage Oil Wholesale

GoGreen Hemp has one of the most competitive CBD wholesale programs in the industry. The organic CBD massage oil comes in both 1 gallon and 5-gallon containers for wholesale purchase. This size is perfect for retail partners looking to use our CBD massage oil in bulk without having to overpay. If you are interested in such simply fill out the form below and one of our wholesale team members will reach out to you. 

CBD Massage Oil Gallon & Bulk Wholesale

All of our CBD massage oil bulk options also come with a pump to make it easier to use while giving clients a relaxing massage experience. This function makes it very easy for the masseuse or masseur to ensure an uninterrupted experience that is sure to have your clients feeling relaxed and stress-free. We have both CBD oil gallon and 5-gallon containers available for sale at wholesale prices. 

CBD Massage Oil For Pain


CBD massages are ideal for pain, massages in general lower stress levels, relieve muscle pain and stiffness, and improve sleep and relaxation when you combine CBD you enhance these attributes even further. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits which are ideal for easing stress and pain. 


CBD Massage Products 

There are a lot of CBD products in the marketplace right now, picking the right one may feel overwhelming but we have you covered. When searching for the right CBD product for your clients there are some questions you must ask yourself. 

1) Would my clients prefer THC-Free products? 

If this is the case we strongly urge you to get broad-spectrum products, this means you will have all of the attributes that a full spectrum product has, minus the THC. This is also important for customers who get drug tested because using a full spectrum CBD product can trigger a failed drug test. 

2) Stronger isn't always better. 

CBD dosage is tough because there is no, one-size-fits-all model. We typically recommend using approximately 20-30mg of CBD to start. That's why our massage oil has a concentration of approximately 30mg per ounce. 

3) Don't forget about the base. 

One of the biggest differentiators when it comes to CBD massage oil is in the base. We urge potential wholesale customers to look at the ingredients to ensure you aren't simply purchasing a tincture packaged in a CBD container. After-all the CBD industry is unregulated at this point, and buyers should be aware of such. 

Our massage oils are both nut-free and fragrance-free. This means that almost all clients can use this CBD massage oil safely. The fragrance is very natural and not overwhelming so it will not affect the massage oil vibe. 

4) Will my clients fail a drug test? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to CBD in general. A failed drug test from using CBD massage oil will only occur when using a full spectrum CBD product. Full Spectrum means that CBD and other cannabinoids (including THC are present in legal amounts). Even slight traces of THC can trigger failed drug tests. The good news is that our GoGreen Hemp Massage oil is broad-spectrum, meaning that CBD and other minor cannabinoids are present, without any traces of THC. 

We also urge consumers and massage therapists to look over the ingredients of their CBD products carefully. It is important to note that hemp seed massage oil is NOT CBD, as hemp seeds contain little to no therapeutic value when compared against CBD derived from hemp. 

CBD Massage Oil Benefits 

These are just a few of the many benefits you could experience from incorporating CBD massage oil into your spa routine. 

  1. Reduce Tension - CBD helps ease and relax muscles, leading to a more beneficial massage experience 

  2. Help with Chronic Pains - CBD is amazing for pain management. Cannabidiol or better known as CBD helps reduce inflammation and soothes muscles. This is very effective when it comes to providing relief from painful joints and muscles. Users typically experience effects within minutes and it can last for hours afterward. 

  3. Improve Skin Conditions - CBD is great for inflammation, but did you know its also an amazing moisturizer? CBD massage oil contains hemp which conditions the skin, making it soft and smooth 

  4. Boosts Your Mood - Everyone knows massage, in general, can have you feeling amazing and relaxed, but did you know when you combine CBD oil into your routine you elevate that experience to another level. You will leave the massage with smoother skin, relaxed muscles, and less anxiousness. 

  5.  Stimulating Your Senses - You will feel more connected with your body and can help you feel refreshed and alert. A CBD massage is the best way to do this and you should consider making this a weekly occurrence. 

What are you waiting for? Come see how you can incorporate CBD massage oil into your routine today! Our friendly customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have

Are you looking for CBD massage oil for your massage therapy or spa studio? We have you covered!

We have a wholesale team that is here to help you with any retail and distribution inquiries of our CBD massage oil. Simply fill out the form below and one of our wholesale team members will reach out to you. Come and grab CBD massage products wholesale today!

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