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CBD Peach Rings

CBD Edibles
Infused CBD Peach Rings
CBD Peach Rings

In early 2019, CBD hit the national spotlight after the farm bill was passed making CBD cultivation and distribution legal on the federal level. With legalization, many companies jumped into the industry and the variety of choices increased exponentially. CBD can now be found in various products from oil tinctures, animal products, topicals, face masks, and - one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD - infused CBD edibles. With all of the options of taking CBD on the marketplace, CBD edibles are still one of the most prominent. 

What are CBD edibles? 

CBD edibles are an ingestible form of CBD that requires minimal preparation. Many people prefer this method because there's no smoke or inhalation. This is a massive health advantage as users do not have to put smoke in their lungs. Many people purchase edibles because of the following attributes: 

1) Taste 

Edibles generally taste better than oil tinctures (which at times can taste earthy). CBD edibles often come in various types of candies and chews that you may already like as is, so adding a medicinal benefit only makes consuming these even more satisfying. CBD edibles come in various forms including gummies, peach ings, hard candies, chocolates, and even cakes.  

2) Consistency In Dosing

Dosing with edibles is typically easier than vaping or smoking flower because you know the exact amount of mg of CBD being taken into your body, unlike when puffing or smoking flower -  there is no way to know exactly how many mg's are being taken in. 

3) Numerous Options 

The variety of CBD edibles on the marketplace makes them very appealing. You can almost always find CBD in your favorite type of candy or sweet. Our customer-favorite peach rings are not only tasty but also extremely effective because they are infused with our broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

4) Convenience 

Taking CBD in edible form is one of the most convenient ways because you can easily take them on-the-go and take them not only discretely but also quickly, unlike other types of CBD such as tinctures which require a little bit of preparation. 

5) Relatability 

Oftentimes customers are able to relate to edibles because they are seen in multiple formats from candies to vitamins. This type of relatability helps them stay in their comfort zone and oftentimes makes customers more open to trying CBD edibles. Come see why thousands of customers have chosen GoGreen Hemp Peach rings as their CBD edible of choice! 


What to look for when purchasing CBD edibles 

CBD is a self-regulated marketplace at this time, so buyers must be aware of what to look for when purchasing CBD products, and more specifically CBD edibles. Here are a few points you MUST look at when purchasing CBD edibles. 

  1. All edibles should INFUSED. If your edibles are not infused than they ae dipped, sprayed or coated which means that you really will not know how much CBD is on each unit. Not only is this mismarketing but this also does not benefit you as a consumer because one edible you take could be 10mg, while another one may be 5mg from the same package. Although infusing is a more expensive process we believe it is necessary for consumers to be able to benefit from CBD in the fullest form. 

2. Full Panel Third-Party Lab Results are a must in a self-regulated marketplace. You are most likely taking CBD for its medicinal benefits so you want to ensure that you do not have any harmful chemicals or pesticides in the products you are consuming. These test results should also be up-to-date and not be over a year old. If the test results are a year old we strongly urge you to look elsewhere, there are a lot of options in the CBD industry and you should never have to settle. 


3.  Ingredients & Nutrition Fact Panel are industry standard and should be easily visible and understandable. You always want to ensure the amount of CBD in the size of each serving and make sure it matches with the amount of total CBD being advertised. Transparency is a must and if a company does not make the ingredients and testing readily available, you should move on to the next one. 

Know that you know what to look for, we have you covered with all of your CBD needs. We have a variety of CBD products from our generic 10mg gummy bears, to our 25mg CBD peach rings. Below you will find more information about our CBD Peach Rings. 

GoGreen Hemp CBD Peach Rings

CBD Peach Rings

GoGreen Hemp CBD 25mg Peach Rings are the go-to edibles if you are looking for a tasty solution for your daily CBD intake. All of our edibles are infused with premium CBD oil. Each gummy contains 25mg of our premium CBD oil, with 20 gummies per container for a total of 500mg of active CBD in each container. 


  • Infused Edibles 

  • 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Per Peach Ring 

  • Delicious Flavor 

  • Non-GMO

  • Organically Grown Hemp 

  • Manufactured in the USA 

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